Episode # 1328 – Whitney Cummings

JRE Episode # 1328 – Whitney Cummings

Published: 7/30/2019


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Podcast :



Whitney Cummings is a stand up comedian, actress, writer, and producer. Check out her new stand up special “Can I Touch It?” that is now streaming on Netflix.

The show opens with Whitney and Joe talking about Whitney’s Netflix special which her robot that she has brought along with her is a part of.  Her robot is named BearClaw, and was made in part by Real Dolls, the sex doll company. The two joke back and forth about robots and AI technology.

The talk about AI and sex dolls makes an easy segway into relationships and how they will be effected as this technology develops.  

Anthropomorphize – The definition in case you were wondering: to attribute human form or personality to things not human -Merriam-Webster

Joe equates where the robotic technology is today and where it is headed in our lifetimes to the  generation who saw the Model T developed into the Tesla.

Whitney shares some interesting info on the most requested celebrity features on sex dolls. Apparently the most request mouth is Elemia Clarkes’, and the most requested Eyes are Olivia Wildes’.  

Whitney Cumming had her ear nearly bitten off by a dog that she adopted!  She said she didn’t feel anything when it happened until she saw it in the mirror.  Doctors say that is a result of the dopamine rush.

The biting of the ear, leads to a discussion that would cover cauliflower ear, Male plastic surgey being a thing now, and other topics about things people do to their bodies.

Dan Tanas Italian Restaurant is the spot to pick up “the ladies”, or at least according to Joey Diaz.  Whom, by the way, apparently has a beautiful set of balls!

The two agree that it is very bizarre how people want to look like they are an instagram filter…but have to show up looking like themselves in real life…

With all of the “controversial” topics they covered, at least according to the PC police, the conversation shifts to political correctness.  There is a particular focus on how crazy things are today with what you can and can’t say, compared to how far we’ve come since the 60’s, 70’s and earlier.  Shit that was actually fucked up that was going on back then, compared to the bull shit that people complain about today.

The two briefly move to suicide and “Selfie Culture”, which prompts Whitney discuss her interest in terror management theory after her dad passed away.  

Joe associates a lot of what is happening today in our culture to our addiction to technology, and says that he has a weird feeling of peace when he disconnects from technology ehile on vacation or hunts.  Whitney agrees and adds that she feels like a solution to at least partially disconnecting is to wear a watch and have a separate camera so you arent constantly pulling your phone out.

There is a quick back and forth about music that pops up as a result of a conversation about Old Towne Road becoming popular because of the Tik Tok app.  The two cover some great 90’s music that you probably havn’t heard in quite some time!

Old Town Road got popular off social media app tik tok, but they wouldn’t let Old Town Road on the country charts until after Billy Ray Cyrus featured on the song!

As old friends would do they talk right up to the episode wrapping with Joe saying he really has to break in order to make it to the Store for his set tonight!


My guest today is one of my best friends, and a fellow soldier at The Comedy Store, she’s awesome, please give it up for

– Joe Rogan

The facebook algorithm is designed to keep you addicted, and to keep you addicted they keep you outraged

– Joe Rogan

Goddammit we are fucking nerfing this world

– Joe Rogan

I feel like people who are most afraid of robots are those who are least used to the fear of other things

– Whitney Cummings

Jerk off first, then think about it

– Joe Rogan

Does anyone have any friends who think they are feminists, but they are just assholes?

– Whitney Cummings

I said Joan Rivers was so old that her vagina had a seperate entrance for black cocks

– Whitney Cummings

I want a girl who can carry a couch with me

– Joe Rogan

Can you say “twinks” without getting arrested?  

– Joe Rogan

People are falling off cliffs trying to take photos for instagram, it’s like the Darwin Awards!

– Whitney Cummings


Bourdain suicide because he had paid off boy who his girfriend had fucked


Sophia – robot with citizenship


Nazi Deuling scars and project paperclip

Vitor belfort vs Trey Telligman

Who was Hedy Lamar

Terror management theory

Stanley Kubric terrorizing for the shining

Christian bale meltdown on set

Jack Nicholson preparing for scenes in Shining

Hey man nice shot

Bud Dwyer video

Axis Deer on Linai

Old Town Road

Nirvana – Rape me

Jeremy spoken 






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