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Episode # 1332 - Annie Lederman - JRE Handbook

Episode # 1332 – Annie Lederman

JRE Episode # 1332 – Annie Lederman


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Annie Lederman is a stand up comedian. She is also the host of “MEANSPIRATION” podcast on All Things Comedy.

Joe starts off asking about Annie Lederman’s leopard print clothing ‘theme’. Annie says she likes a bit of ‘white trash’. She brings up how she is a fan of Elton John. She talks about a friend who suspects her ex is gay. She goes into his ability to just have the girlfriend using a strapon. Joe brings up a recent jre episode with Whitney Cummings where they discussed the popularlity of sex dolls with female bodies as well as male genitalia. The topic stays on weird sexual kinks and porn.

They briefly talk about Aziz Ansari getting in trouble. And they talk about his new special, Aziz Ansari: Right Now on Netflix, being an ‘odd artistic choice’ to have doors open to the back-stage area where you can see people moving around. 

Annie mentoins Brody Stevens suicide. While tripping on ayahuasca she felt sad she couldn’t hug “Brody” after he had passed away. They talk about depression and suicide for a little bit. Anthony Bourdain’s suicide comes up and Joe expresses how sad he is about Anthony’s death. Annie says she kisses the poster of Brody a kiss every time she sees it.  “I give it my herpes…. I don’t have it yet; Joe Rogan Audience.” Joe asks if they have a vaccination to cure it, and they both think there has to be one. 

This brings them to conspiracy theories. They start talking about aliens, and the topic turns to ‘alien lovers’ and ‘Bigfoot erotica’. Annie wonders if Bigfoot has a small dick. Jamie brings up several ‘Bigfoot Erotica’ novels on the internet. They start looking into different ‘Bigfoot Erotica’ written by Virginia Wade. They talk a bit about the author. She apparently wrote the book in one draft and in a couple weeks she went to Amazon’s Kindle Direct online publishing.

Wade has apparently made an exceptional living off the 16 books she made. There have been over 100k downloads. She was making 30k or more in a month. She branched off into other ‘genres’. Annie’s mom wrote romance novels when she was a child. She said she would flip through to the sex scenes. Her mother was part of the group called ‘Romance Writers of America’ and she had won several awards for her writing, but she never published her work.

They talk about crazy assistants. David Spade’s assistant tasered him and tied him up. They don’t think they should have been so lenient on the assistant. Says he was in a coke fueled psychotic state. Spade said Malloy was a friend who was just mentally disturbed at the time. The article they read was an old one and it described ‘Joe Dirt’ as being a new movie. They laugh at how long ago that was. 

They say 2009 feels like it was way more recent than it actually is. They laugh and Annie jokes that she quit drinking in ‘09. She says she met Tait Fletcher while working at a cowboy bar out in SantaFe. She says she told him she wanted to do comedy and Tait made them switch the Karaoke night into a comedy night for her. After that she moved to New York to persue her comedy career. She tells a stroy about Fathers Day ‘08 when she crashed her scooter while drinking and driving. She says her whole face was split open. She said a girl that didnt like her helped her out. She had 9 stitches. The cops told her if they had caught her she would have been arrested for aggravated DUI. She says she went out the next night to go drinking. She says she does look back with a bit of fondness on her past due to the ‘wealth of stories’ it has given her. 

She glazes over a story of running for her life from a 6’8” drag queen named Mahogany. Joe asks for more detail because it’s not a story you can just brush over. She was 15 and went to a ‘fake modeling’ school. They went to a modeling convention and her mother met Mahogany who wanted to take Annie for 2 weeks where they would send her to modeling gigs and other events. Her mother agreed, and she was shipped off to Jersey City. She says she was probably the ‘hottest’ of the girls there. She bonded with a 23 year old guy named Chris who became protective of her. She would have to go buy weed on the corner. And she would have to ride the train into NYC at 15 in the sluttiest outfits. Mahogany separated Annie from Chris and he locked her in a room so she packed all her belongings and tossed them out the window so she could escape. A friend helped unlock the door so she could get out. She started running wildly down the street screaming for help, and hiding under cars. Mahogany chased her down and finally caught her, they both got arrested because they thought he was her pimp. After everything was sorted out the cops wanted to arrest her parents for putting her in that situation.

Annie says she still loves her family and forgives them, and she blames herself for a lot of the things she has been through because she was the one that got herself into the situations. She says looking back now she is happy about it because she wouldn’t be where she is today if those things didn’t happen. 

Joe says everyone he knows who is funny is fucked up in some way. That they use the comedy to address and get through the issues. He uses Sam Kinison as an example. Joe describes meeting him when he was about 19 working security at Greatwoods Center for performing arts. He says he met other big stars like Cosby and  Rodney Dangerfield. Joe says he was 20 when he decided he wanted to become a comedian. He said an ex-gf’s father was making fun of him for wanting to be a comedian. Which brings him to the topic of doctors and nutrition.

He says doctors are retarded when it comes to nutritional advice. They have told him theres no benefit in taking vitamins and that all he needs is a balanced diet. Joe raves about different vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and other nutritional supplements. Annie says all she eats is elk. Joe says he will hook her up with some elk sausage, asks about her cooking set-up and skills. He offers to give her some recipes on how to prepare the sausage properly.

They roast each other a little bit. And end up talking about rehab and recovery. They bring up Eric Roberts going to ‘Celebrity Rehab’ for marijuana Annie said she stopped smoking weed and she said she finds things easier to accomplish. Joe says he kind of experiences the same thing. He says he has a one track mind mind and he will find himself pausing to listen to podcasts or music he is listening to while cleaning. He says he enjoys music without words or foreign music that he can’t understand because then his mind doesn’t focus on it. He plays the first few seconds of a song called ‘Tunak Tunak Tun By Daler Mehndi.

Daler apparently has been arrested for human trafficking. Annie asks if he can still enjoy the music knowing that and he says that he can, and brings up Michael Jackson. They talk about the different things Michael has been seen doing like holding hands with random little boys. Joe thinks that MJ was a Castrato. That he was castrated as a young boy to preserve his voice. According to his doctor, apparently, MJ had been chemically castrated at a young age. Which is what they do to pedophiles. It was a semi-common practice 100 years ago just to preserve the voices of young men. 1922 was the last castrato recording. The man also died that year. Joe says that it is almost haunting and so weird. 

Joe comments on Annie’s two coffee mugs and she holds up one of then that says “cunt” but it also looks like it just says “unt”. Apparently she got one for her dad as well. She talks about how much she loves her dad and tells a story about being in the post office with her dad and they were jokingly bickering at each other and this lady was about to leave when she turned around and says “You know lady, you’re a real itch” and her dad says “I think you mean an unt”. Joe is baffled about how the woman actually felt the need to stop her and say something, 

They talk about what Annie would be like as an old woman. She says she hopes she peaks and she doesnt want to get anything in her face as far as botox or fillers. She says aging is inevitable, and fillers just postpone the inevitable. 

Annie’s mom works with an organization called “Grey Panthers” and there was an older woman who famously dated a man in his 40’s when she was in her 80’s. Joe brings up Elizabeth Taylor and how she married a series of gay men before she died. Annie says she probably wanted to just be showered in compliments. Annie talks about an ex of hers that was in the closet. He always wanted Threesomes with other men and she said there were a bunch of gay men who would reach out to touch him. She had a threesome and her boyfriend was staring at the guy the whole time. Joe tells her she should write a book. 

She hints at a couple stories. She said she drew a coloring book called ‘Lessons From a Chubby Alcoholic’ but she never followed through with it. She starts talking about the beginning of her comedy career. She said she was always drinking and was always way more drunk than everyone else. She was staying on a friends couch in NY and her friend took her to an open mic night. She goes up, drops her set list and blanks out. She says she completely bombed and started yelling at all the other comics. Afterwards one comic came up and kept buying her shots at the bar and she woke up on his air mattress fully clothed. She went to her friend’s house and called Tait saying she wanted to be sober and do comedy and he encouraged her to go to AA Meetings. She did the 90 in 90 days and never went back. Joe talks about Dave Fitzgerald who learned how to do standup from making hilarious stories out of his drunken days. 

Annie says she was raised Quaker. Not to be confused with Amish. She says you just sit in silence in benches facing each other, and if you feel moved to speak you can stand and say whatever you want. There wasn’t much reading of scripture. Annie says she was very bored and had to constantly be fidgeting while in church, and she ended up being put on ritalin for a short time. She brings up wanting to be a mom, but she isn’t ready for that because she is working on her own stuff. She talks about how going to the AA meetings ignited a lot of hysteria and anger especially during Trump’s election because it triggered some things she hadn’t addressed. She mentions having some ‘fucked up shit happen’ during her childhood. She says she is responsible for handling her triggers and how she reacts to them. 

She says she has checked out on a lot of things like the news and twitter because she needs to put her energy into working on her own issues. Joe talks about ‘mental diets’ and how you can’t constantly take in bullshit. And then he goes into having Bernie Sanders on the podcast and how he had a ton of toxic and angry people commenting and raging at him. 

They talk about how there aren’t any grey areas. People freeze you in the one thing you said that offended them. They both have issues with how people behave and always painting others as toxic. Annie brings up a great point; a lot of the people on social media are pushing their issues onto others and forcing their beliefs onto others instead of working on their own selves.  Joe says he avoids checking comments because it is just getting worse and worse. It’s a piss poor way to communicate, when you’re insulting and dunking on people. Annie says they just want attention. 

They talk about personal development and how people grow and change over time. Annie used to watch TruCrime and she realized how messed up it is to find entertainment in these horrible situations that happen to people. Joe mentions that more women are into the crime shows than men. Jamie brings up an article on why this is true. According to Dr. Howard Forman “the trend is rooted in empathy. … If you empathise with the victim it may be more relevant to you and more gripping”

Annie brings up a kid who used to live in her apartment complex who was weirdly familiar and way too friendly with her and was overly complimentary in a really weird way. She was bringing her laundry up to her apartment and he insisted on taking her laundry for her several times even when she told him no. When she got off the elevator he tried to get off and follow her. She told him he didn’t live on that floor and he tried to brush it off saying ‘Oh sometimes I get off on this floor and walk up’. She had to pretend to go into another person’s apartment because she didn’t want him knowing where she lived. Once she got to her own apartment she called Tait and he set her up with Scott Epstein and she started taking Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. She decided that no one would fuck with her anymore. Joe mentions how people want to follow him around in hotels in a far lesser degree than what happens to women.

Annie laughs at how people become really excited when they meet him. The biggest problem is when they have a business pitch. He says he doesn’t have time to listen to people’s pitches. 

They talk about his fanny packs. He works with a company called ‘Roots’ they have high quality leather and he has them print the logo on them. Joe learned about them from Andrew Dice Clay.  Annie wants to make a fanny pack that says “Annie Fanny”. They joke about having a craft show and using a ton of glitter. Jamie brings up people who wear fanny packs over their shoulders. Joe calls them cowards. 

They comment on the non-binary wacky gender issues. Annie quotes Dave Chapelle “to what degree do I have to take part in your self esteem” . They talk about all the other issues going on and how easily people are triggered now-a-days. 

Tim Pool posted a video of communist meeting where this guy was asking everyone to stop moving because he has severe ADD. the woman says ‘okay comrade, duly noted” and a different guy aggressively demands her to stop using gendered language. 

Annie says safe spaces are ridiculous. Your safe space is inside you. You can’t control the world around you. She asks if people are trying to see just how much they can get away with. She also brings up that most of these words people use like ‘triggered’ and ‘safe space’ are autistic terms. Jamie finds the video and they start laughing about it. They spend a little time shit talking the guys in the video.  (I cant find it. Maybe yall will have better luck)

Annie says that not even special-ed kids weren’t be this demanding. They bring up that this way of acting and thinking just makes you a victim and you’ll always be a victim because not everyone will cater to your needs. Joe says we eventually won’t be able to say ‘colored’. 

Annie says she didn’t like Rocketman very much because they kept forcing events that never happened in the movie. They based them off the lyrics, which he didn’t write. She wishes they had put more into Elton marrying a woman. This information surprises Joe. Annie believes it was a ‘beard’ situation. A beard is a woman who is dating or married to a gay man becausse he is trying to hide the fact he is gay. 

Joe talks about ‘pray the gay away’ camps and describes some disturbing practices. Annie wonders why that even exists and Joe talks about upbringing being a huge factor. If you grow up in a super homophobic christian family, you have alot of inner shame for being gay. Annie says the people in those camps probably had alot of sex with eachother. She excitedly exclaims that she has a new genre for the erotic novels. It’s not bigfoot. Joe says that’s a sneaky trick that God said you can not lay with men but youre going to want men all day, every day. Annie says repressing any emotion is unhealthy and describes it as a type of cancer. Joe talks about how slutty catholic school girls are because it is a forbidden fruit.  

Annie thinks that God should give them a hall pass. They talk about how wonderful the gay pride parades. Apparently gay guys are irritated that straight people are going to gay clubs. 

One of the guys from Duck Dynasty was wondering why gay people had rainbows. And Joe told him to shut the fuck up before the gays took over camo like they did the rainbow. 

Joe talks about staging every gay porn in a duck blind. They talk about how there was nothing compelling about Duck Dynasty but it was such a huge hit. Annie says its because its super easy to watch because you can just zone out. She says her favorite show is Survivor because people are truly being tested. They’re on the 33rd season and Jeff Propes is still the host. Joe is amazed about how the show is still so big. 

Annie says people have a right to be whatever they are. Joe asks if Nazis are included in that. She says they have a third right. Joe asks what the “Third Reich” even means. Jamie googles it and says it means the ‘Third Realm’ or ‘Third Empire’. Joe brings up the podcast with Briam Moses and shows Annie the video of Hitler tweaking at the 1936 olympics. He tells the story of Hitler talking Mosulini out of leaving the war. He explains that taurine comes from bull semen and how hitler used it alot. This remind Annie of ‘Zoo’ a documentary about a man who died from sex with a horse. She says the scene that disturbs her the most is when the guy gets up on the bucket to have a horse fuck him in the ass and the guy was more concerned about if the horse had cum than the pain he was experiencing. The guy apparently died not long after that from bleeding out from his anus. Apparently they had hundreds of hours of videos of this guy having sex with all sorts of animals. 

Annie was reading up on why people are into feet. Apparently the part of the brain that handles your genitals and your feet are adjacent and they think the wires get crossed. She pixelates her feet in all her photos because people had started a Wiki about her feet, and she was being messaged constantly from people wanting to see them. 

Joe thinks guys are more perverted than women. He asks if there’s anything gross that women are into. ‘Money’ is Annie’s response. She says men are just controlled by their dicks. Joe agrees saying “Theres a reason why theres 7billion people… dudes are fucking horny” He says our biology hasn’t caught up to how we don’t need to have so many people in the world. Joe says Beta guys wouldn’t have ever survived during roman times. 

Annie finds it interesting how so much of our caveman / survival instincts are still there. She brings up a podcast called “The Adult Chair” with Michelle Felfont. Michelle talks about dealing with your inner child and instincts. They talk about how people who have anxiety about fitting in are like that because it could lead back to when you were excommunicated from your tribe you died. Joe takes it further saying thats why people are afraid of public speaking, because if you were speaking in front of a crowd you were trying to defend yourself. 

The last few minutes they talk about people being star struck. Joe says its weird when he meets famous people. And it’s even more weird when he meets one and they know him. He explains how fame isn’t a normal thing and people who are famous have to work so hard to stay that way. Annie says Joe is her richest friend. They joke about money and Joe asks if her hoop earrings have gotten her in trouble. She says she has been accused of cultural appropriation because of them. He believes it’s just people trying to find things to get mad about. People in America get mad about it, but people outside of the country actually enjoy when their culture is spread. They vent about how people get angry over stupid shit like ‘oh i was doing podcasts and now he is doing them he is copying me’. Joe finds that kind of talking ridiculous and hates when people act that way. They wrap up the show with a quick blurb about Annie’s Podcast ‘Meanspiration’ 

Find Annie Lederman on:

Instagram @annielederman

Or at www.AnnieLederman.com


My guest today is a hilarious comedian. Young up and coming banger out there in the world of joke tellin’ and I always enjoy her company. Annie Lederman

– Joe Rogan. 

I like dumb and slutty

– Annie Lederman

Genuinely, I feel good and I’m happy with my life

– Anine Lederman

I’m really into bigfoot porn, could you please not say Elk Sausage in front of me?

– Annie Lederman

I don’t want anything in my face…except cum shots obviously.

– Annie Lederman

I think it’s a gift to age

– Annie Lederman

Everyone wants to paint everyone as toxic

– Joe Rogan

Don’t have a see through bag…nobody wants to see your tampons.

– Annie Lederman

A lot of women want to be choked by bigfoot.

– Annie Lederman

That which you resist, persists

– Annie Lederman

Some people are into feet, some people are into being fucked by horses.

– Joe Rogan

“But ya know, people are pervs. What’re ya gonna do?

– Annie Lederman

“Theres a reason why theres 7billion people… dudes are fucking horny”

– Joe Rogan

“To what degree do I have to take part in your self esteem”

– Dave Chapelle



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