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Episode #1333 - Tom Papa - JRE Handbook

Episode #1333 – Tom Papa

JRE Episode # 1333 – Tom Papa


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This show opens with Joe and Tom Papa talking about ASMR and Toms 14 year old daughter seems like she may have the personality to follow in the family business.  Toms Father was super strict, which you would think would not have been conducive to being a comedian as he got older, but he doesnt think that really is a factor.

The two talk about being a good parent and how it is important to communicate why rather than just dictating.  Joe says they put parameters on certain things like screen time, but do not control the kids play time at all.  

Joe is a bit jealous of Fahim’s dance skills!  Tom laughs and says that he actually made a new years resolution to dance more this year. Apparetnyl Fahim had a very intellectually strenuous job prior to becoming a comedian, going to find out tomorrow when he’s on the show!

The guys talk for a period about the rush of different types of exercise.  Joe loves the feeling of just moving with the bag, to which Tom asks if he feels the same way afterward with other things like yoga.  Joe says they are all different for him, kickboxing, hill running, yoga, etc all provide a different type of feel and end mental result that is each their own.

The conversation shifts to stand-up comedy, and how they work on jokes.  Tom says that you have to keep changing and trying different little things to keep it fresh and keep making progress.  They talk a little bit about how the audience tells you what’s funny, and sometimes it’s not the part that you thought it was.

Tom recalls working with seinfeld i the fox theatre and it feeling crazy to be in front of 5,000 people.  Joe agrees, he adds that it is even wilder to be in front of 25,000 person crowds, but it is remarkable how people are able to come together in groups like that and have a good time without incident for the most part.  Occasionally there is someone who is drunk and acting a fool, but the vast majority are just cool.

Jamie brings up a movie where Bruce Lee fought Gene Labell, and its inaccuracies.  Joe tees up on this topic and covers the differences between the two martial artists.  Joe say Gene was a beast and without a doubt had the ability to kick Lee’s ass 100% of the time.  More importantly the two, particularly Bruce Lee, were huge factors in moving martial arts popularity forward.

Joe revels at Tom Papa’s cooking skills and shares a picture of some elk that he gave Tom to try.  Admittedly, it looks pretty amazing! Tom’s looking for some fresh meat! Joe just went on an Axis Deer hunt, and said he’s going to get some over to Tom.  The two continue to talk about hunting and different types of game that Joe likes to hunt. Sounds like Tom may be into hunting as well, and he comments that he feels better when he eats wild game and prefers it over farm raised protein.

The hunting topic begets a convo about the coyote problem in LA, and how cats lives are very different as a result.  Joe says that the coyote has a crazy sense of smell and can track cats from a mile away. Jaime adds that bears can smell a rotting carcass from up to 20 miles away!

Tom brings up the NJ Black bear problem, which Joe said is a direct result of the new governor outlawing black bear hunting.  He believes when it comes to dangerous animals like bears and wolves, that we need to control the overpopulation via hunting. The large preditory animals do not have natural predators, so left unchecked their population gets out of control and they become a problem for not just people but other animal species as well.  Jaime pulls up a video of bears fighting on the street right in front of people!

A story from Tom about nearly hitting a moose on a motorcycle in Maine leads the guys back to comedy via Greg Fitzsimmons being thrown out of a club in New Hamshire.  They talk about getting started in comedy, and how some people just don’t have it. Tom recalls doing a set in front of high school kids with Kyle Kinane, where Kyle sang a song that included “If your cock be the ladle and your ass be the stew..” Which was funny until it came time to be paid by the school principal, wearing a Winnie the poo tie, who was livid.

Tom tells Joe that he needs to come on his new moring radio show.  After finding out that it starts at 7am, not only is Joe not really interested because “No one should be waking up at 7am and talking to people…but, he also thinks that maybe Tom should consider quiting! 

Tom starts off his non-radio day up at 7am, splashes some water in the face and knocks out 20 minutes of meditation.  Followed by one cup of black coffee and he heads into his home office. Papa writes for a while, and when he starts to fade he goes for a run. He does not schedule appointments before noon.

Tom says that he meditates anytime that he feels drained and it really recharges him.  He believes that it is different to learn meditation from a teacher in person rather than via the internet.   

Tom comments that he’s never been in a float tank, Joe obviously offers for him to try out his tank.  The talk about some of Joe’s experiences in the tank, varying from normal relaxation to psychedelic experiences.  Joe say that when he is in the tank he feels like he is not connected to the world anymore, he says it feels like he is looking at the world from an outside perspective.  

Talking about meditation takes Tom and Joe down a path riddled with quote worthy moments where they talk about life and relationships.  Both parties stressing the importance of treating people with kindness and respect. As well as the importance for your own happiness to have people being a part of your life in general.

Oddly, the conversation moves from “namaste” to politics and how ridiculous the election system is.  The debates are a joke, the format sucks, there is no way that you could actually know what someone is about from their 45 second responses before they are cut off my the moderator.   Jaime plays a clip of Joe Biden making yet another speaking blunder…Joe Biden – Choose Truth over facts

The guys riff a bit on tv shows and movies, touching on a number of oldies but goodies.  As well as some documentary type movies about the characters of some of the shows they talk about.  They reminisce about some of the great comedians who have passed. Talking about these guys punishing their bodies partying flows into today’s actors completely changing their appearance for movies, and how much hard work and dedication that takes. 

Obviously the talk about what other people are doing for their workouts brings it back home and Tom asks Joe what his daily routine looks like.  Joe keeps it interesting by rotation different workouts and different sports in his routine.  

Somehow Tom does an impression of Jordan Peterson, which sends Joe down the rabbit hole!  He explains some of the ridiculousness that surrounds the coverage of Jordan Peterson, and how he his words are constantly and purposely twisted.  The fake coverage of news and individuals leads to Joe explaining the Russia troll campaigns.  

Tom brings up Jordan’s explanation of the old testament as something that is interesting because most people just don’t look that deep into religion.  He feels like it is rare to have someone who attempts to think deeply about these things rather than just showing up and taking it at face value.

Joe asks Tom if he has paid attention to this Jeffrey Epstein stuff?  “What do you think is going on?” Tom says he thinks that he was connected with some really high powered people that would have wanted this guys to go away.  Joe entirely agrees, and says that this is one conspiracy that no one believes the real story.

The Epstein topic could only lead to one other topic naturally…porn.  Joe comments on the current theme in porn being young girls, and step mom/sister themes.  Tom doesn’t really play ball and bring up a documentary that would change you mind about the porn industry.  Joe challenges the idea that they necessarily all of these women in porn are being exploited, and there is definitely a segment of the population who don’t have a problem with it.  Tom rebuttals that it is almost entirely the case that the women of the porn industry have had situations happen in their lives with men that have damaged them when they were younger.

Joe brings up the case against Katy Perry for pantsing a guy, and says that he doesn’t really feel bad for the guy..because he’s a guy.  If it were a girl though, we would all feel a different way. He follows that up with the story about the NJ teacher blowing the 14 year old student.  Tom makes a comment about how the woman is damaged in some way that makes her ok with getting sexual with a child. Joe makes some points regarding the double standard in these situations.  

Joes asks if Tom thinks that there will ever be a time that we are not violent.  Tom believes maybe in eons because there are areas that are so far behind. There are areas that are just so wild and behind what life has become in the first world.   For example the country where 20% of the women are kidnapped for marriage. They talk about a couple of other examples which include the some areas of the middle east and the Dominican Republic.

I believe the idea of wild living leads Joe to bring up a story from a previous guest about a hook worm infection which effected over 40% of the southern US, which caused a decline in mental function.  Lyme disease and a disease being spread in NJ by mosquitos come up.

The show wrapps with Joe and Tom talking about some terrible effects of being bitten by a rattlesnake…and places in the world that you don’t want to go.  

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Come to papa podcast

Netflix radio what a joke


My guest today is a very good friend of mine, a  hilarious comedian, an author, and the host of the Come To Papa podcast. Please give it up for… Tom Papa

– Joe Rogan

The problem is…I like kicking things! 

– Joe Rogan

Family love is the best kind of love.

– Joe Rogan

Most people are great, most people are friendly, most people just want to have a good time in life.

– Joe Rogan

If Bruce lee fought Gene Labelle, Gene labelle would grab ahold of him and obliterate his brain on the concrete 100 out of 100 times.

– Joe Rogan

If you don’t think that rich people have had people killed, you’re hilarious and that is willfully naive

– Joe Rogan

The hang-ups that men have over women that turn into violence is so bat shit crazy!

– Tom Papa

Florida is where it all happens…All bad things.

– Tom Papa

Sexuality is such a weird bizarre thing.

– Top Papa

If a woman is willing to blow a 14 year old…she’ll blow you too.

– Joe Rogan

The [Jeffrey Epstein] situation is the one conspiracy where no one believes the real story

– Joe Rogan

We have such little money for schools, they are getting rid of art, they are getting rid of music…

– Tom Papa

If people enjoy being around you, you will enjoy everything more

– Joe Rogan

I know you think you have to be all able yourself to be happy, but in fact, that is a way to ensure that you are unhappy despite success.

– Joe Rogan

Dealing with other human beings in a nice manor is rewarding and it gives you a sense of place, belonging, and love

– Tom Papa

You want people to hate you…be a moderator on a presidential debate!

– Joe Rogan

[Joe Biden] seems like a remote control with a shitty battery, you now that one that kind of changes the channel some times, that you have to move around to turn the volume down

– Joe Rogan



Oops I did it again – Brittany Spears

Fahim Anwar can dance! 

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

Bruce Lee and  Gene Labell

Bears fighting right outside peoples house

Deer fighting during rut season

Moose fighting in peoples driveways

Greg Fitzsimmons Comedy Standup

Robert Schimmel – sigfried and roy joke

Chris Farley @ his best

A tribute to Jackie GLeason

What made John Belushi so great

How did Jordan Peterson get famous

Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams

Bobcat vs rattlesnake

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