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Show Notes

Each episode in magazine article format

JRE Episode #1336 – Legion of Skanks Published: 08/19/2019 Sponsors: Butcher Box – Monthly Meat Delivery. Fresh, no hormones, all grass fed / free range animals. Save money, eat healthier with Butcher Box. Get 1lb scallops, 1 pack of bacon... Read More
JRE Episode #1335 – Jim Gaffigan Published: 8/14/2019 Podcast: http://podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/jim-gaffigan Youtube: Quotes: My Guest today is one of the greatest comics on earth, the great and powerful Jim Gaffigan – Joe Rogan “What if someone doesn’t have a prime membership??... Read More
JRE Episode # 1332 – Fahim Anwar Podcast: http://podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/fahim-anwar Youtube: Sponsors: Square Space – Customize your website using a free online store, promoting business, free secure hosting, an 24/7 award winning customer support. Joe Rogan’s website uses this interface for... Read More
JRE Episode # 1333 – Tom Papa Sponsors: Express VPN – App that keeps you safe and secure while you are surfing the web in public.  Unblock all of your favorite websites if you are on a controlled network as... Read More
JRE Episode # 1332 – Annie Lederman Sponsors: Dollar Shave Club – They have everything you need. They sell Dr Carver’s Shave Butter its the “best shaving cream in existence” – Everything you need for grooming is delivered right to... Read More
Episode #1331 – Alonzo Bodden Sponsors: Butcher Box – High quality, meat. Monthly subscription. Free shipping – 9-11 lbs of meat. 1lb scallops and 1lb of bacon plus $20 bucks off first box. $129 a month. Less than $6 a... Read More
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